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2019  Cropper Information

As a cropper you get the following:

    -Thank you goody bag. 

-4-6 feet of cropping space.

-Lunch, dinner and snacks throughout the day.

-20 raffle tickets (police spouses/family receive 40).

Additional raffle tickets will be available for purchase

at the event.

-12 hours of fun filled cropping time.


If you have a friend/family member you would like to crop near, or need to be near a power supply, please indicate this on your registration form.  We will try to accommodate your request, if possible.


There are two registration types:

1. Police Spouse/Family- $40.00 (includes retired officers)

2. Police Supporter- $50.00

Please click the registration button below:

All registrations are final, no refunds will be given.  In the event that the crop is cancelled, the registration fees will be donated to the Assist the Officer Foundation and you will receive a donation receipt.

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