Croppin' for Cops

It is with mixed emotions that I am sending this update, but the committee has met to discuss the Crop.  We have done a lot of soul searching, praying and even cried a little, but we have decided that 2019 will be the last Croppin’ for Cops event.  We have had 10 amazing years, and want to thank everyone for supporting Croppin For Cops and the ATO.  Our first event had 20 people and we made around $1500… our last event we had over 70 people and we made over $7500 for the ATO.  In 10 years we have outgrown three locations, had over 600 people attend and most importantly, were able to donate almost $40,000 to the ATO.


I want to thank all of our past committee members who are no longer on the team, Caroline Llewellyn, Halli Szarzynski, Kendal Welsh and Deb Watkins.  Deb was one of the founding members of the Cropping for Cops and I want to thank her for what she did 10 years ago to help kick this event off.  I also want to thank Jodie George, of Just Crop.  Jodie was with us at the first event, and her connections, donations and support have been invaluable over the last 10 years!


To our attendees, vendors and other supporters, thank you!  You are the ones that put your trust in us to plan this event and you kept coming back year after year to support it.  Even after we had to cancel in 2016 and the tragic events happened to DPD… it was all of you that kept the faith and came back, and you came back like gang busters. I think 2017 was the most fun crop and meaningful crop we had!


The ATO, Frederick Frazier, Bill Noble and David Rodriguez- you allowed us to be a part of an amazing organization.  Thank you for trusting us to represent the ATO for 10 years! 


And last but certainly not least… the current crop committee, Leigh Ann Ward, Donna Diaz, Anica Lazarin, Penny Fuller and Valerie Darst.  These ladies do great things behind the scenes (run power, move tables, cook, clean, refill toilet paper!).  This is an amazing group of ladies that I am proud to call family.


I know I speak for the rest of the committee when I say that the friendships we have made will last a life time and I could not be more proud of everyone that has attended or has been involved in the planning of this event.  We will keep the Facebook page up and running, please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing!  The website will stay up  until our web hosting subscription expires.


So until we meet again, on behalf of the committee… this is Tonya, signing off… we got your 6!

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